Solar power system – All relevant information

by admin | September 2, 2018 10:24 am

Though the initial cost is for a solar product is high but once you install it then you will be able to achieve long-term saving. If you have installed solar energy system at your home then you must be aware of a few things that are mandatory to maintain the solar product for the long term.

Firstly you must know about the main components of a solar power system. They are as follows –

You firstly need to calculate the number of solar panels you need as per the power consumption at your home and accordingly, you need to fix the panels. Numbers of the solar panel attached to form a panel array. Panel array connects through the battery and produces charging voltage.

The Solar charger[1] is required to charge the battery, the benefit of using MPPT solar charger is that it does not require any external source of electricity to charge the batteries.  Batteries that are used in the solar energy system are quite expensive. To save the life of your battery you must choose a solar panel charge controller[2] that enhances your battery life. 12 V 60 amp solar charge controller is commonly used for home-based solar energy system

A solar voltage regulator commonly known as solar charge regulator is mandatorily required to be part of charging circuit to ensure the operation range of the battery. Choosing a solar regulator also require some knowledge about it and one should completely aware of it.

Usually, for the homely purpose the solar panels are designed for 12-volt power and are sufficient to match the power consumption hence 12-volt solar regulator[3] can work effectively. There are two different types of solar charge regulator available and you need to choose among, that is PWM solar regulator and MPPT solar regulator.

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