5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Uniform for Your Restaurant Employees

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Uniform for Your Restaurant Employees
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The obvious reason for having uniforms in restaurants is so that staff is immediately identifiable to customers, but uniforms also serve other purposes besides providing visual continuity. For instance, you won’t have to worry that staff members may show up to work in attire that doesn’t reflect well on your establishment or that individual employees may inadvertently come to work in clothing featuring clashing colors and disparate styles. Employees will also appreciate being supplied with something to wear so that they aren’t required to risk damaging their own articles of clothing by wearing them at work.

Some restaurant owners and managers struggle with choosing the right uniforms for their employees to wear. Fortunately, uniform companies offer a variety of choices to meet individual needs and preferences. Following are several things you should look for in employee uniforms.

Stain Resistance

Because restaurant work involves handling food and beverages, spills are a common part of the picture. Providing staff with stain-resistant uniforms helps keep costs associated with replacing uniforms down as well as helps ensure that staff presents a clean and fresh appearance.


Durability is also an important factor in selecting restaurant employee uniforms. You’ll want to choose attire made of materials that can stand up to use in a demanding work environment. Back-of-the house uniforms should also be fire-resistant to protect employees from kitchen mishaps.


The uniforms you select should also be washable with no fussy specifications — for instance, material that shrinks when washed and dried in hot water is not advisable. Also, keep in mind that uniforms need to be able to stand up to frequent washings as well as time in the dryer.


Uniforms also have to be functional. Both back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house uniforms need to be designed for optimal movability, and features such as flowing sleeves, flared pant legs, and any other type of potentially cumbersome details should be avoided. Fabrics with high levels of breathability, such as cotton or viscose, are much better choices than polyester or nylon, resulting in less distraction among employees due to being overly hot or uncomfortable due to wearing stifling garments.

Wrinkle-free fabrics are also recommended so that busy employees with little time to iron don’t present an unkempt appearance.


The type of uniform you choose for front-of-the-house staff should also be appropriate for the image you want your restaurant to project to the public. Dressing coffee shop, pizza, or deli staff in overly formal uniforms, for instance, may be perceived as pretentious, while fine dining staff shouldn’t be dressed in T-shirts and other casual attire.

If possible, ask long-term, loyal employees to participate in the decision making process concerning uniforms — they’ll feel more invested and engaged that way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on getting the best possible uniforms for your restaurant staff.

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